Tasty Low FODMAP Porridge Recipe

 Time to make: 6-7 minutes

 Difficulty: Very easy

 Servings: 1

This FODMAP porridge recipe is not only extremely easy to make, but it is also delicious & healthy (depending what you put on in). No longer do “oats in the morning” have to sound boring. There is a host of fun toppings for you to choose from. So say bye to pain first thing in the morning and hello to a great start to the day!


For this delicious, yet simple, recipe, you will require:

  • One cup of oats.
  • 2 cups of water/soya milk/a mixture of both.


Preparing this delicious bowl of porridge is actually as easy as acquiring its ingredients. All you have to do is allow the oats to cook in the liquid — whichever you choose, milk or water or both.

Pour the oats into a saucepan and add the soya milk or water over it. Allow the saucepan to heat and let the liquid come to a boil. Allow the mixture to simmer for at least four to five minutes and keep stirring continuously, to ensure that the porridge does not stick at the bottom.

If you do not have a stove or a saucepan, do not worry; this recipe is microwaveable. Simply put all the ingredients into a microwave safe bowl and stick it into the microwave for five minutes. When the timer comes down to the halfway mark, open the microwave once to check on the mixture and stir the porridge a few times. Keep an eye on it though, if things start to bubble too much then give them an extra stir.

After five minutes, your porridge is ready for some exciting toppings.

For Toppings

The following are some options for toppings you can choose from. While all these toppings are OK, if you want to add your own make sure you steer clear of fruit which contains polyols (a type of FODMAP you want to avoid).

Here is a list of toppings you can choose from:

  • Maple syrup (only 2 tsp)
  • Vanilla essence (2 drops)
  • Chopped banana (half)
  • Blueberries (one small handful)
  • Raspberries (one small handful)
  • Strawberries (3 chopped)
  • Sesame seeds (2 tsp)
  • Pumpkin seeds (2 tsp)
  • Dark chocolate (lactose-free, 1 tsp, grated)

This dish is great because you can have something different each day and not get bored. Once you know which FODMAP’s are your triggers you can also start adding sweeter things. Perfect for the FODMAP reintroduction phase.