Low Fodmap Recipes

A Low FODMAP Recipe For Spinach and Poached Eggs on Toast

 Time to make: 5-10 minutes

 Difficulty: Medium

 Servings: 1 portion

Having a good breakfast to begin your day is of utmost importance. If you’re tired of your bowl of lactose / gluten free milk and cereal, here’s an option which will be much more satisfying. This is also great as a mid day snack or light lunch.

It’s easier than ever to get hold of GF bread in supermarkets now. Besides, eggs on toast never gets old and fits perfectly for the low FODMAP diet. Throw in some delicious, versatile and healthy greens and your plate is starting to look great! Here’s how to get that perfect wilted spinach and poached eggs on toast!

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Low FODMAP Roasted Vegetable Soup Recipe

 Time to make: 1 hour, half of that is waiting for veg to cook.

 Difficulty: Easy

 Servings: 7 bowls

Following a FODMAP diet can be difficult, especially with soups. They often contain a fair few ingredients (especially the canned ones). But if you're craving something delicious, yet nutritious, you don't have to venture too far from your pantry. Just take the basic vegetables you have and within no time, you’ll have a delicious bowl of soup ready! Feel free to modify this yourself if you're missing a vegetable.

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Tasty Low FODMAP Porridge Recipe

 Time to make: 6-7 minutes

 Difficulty: Very easy

 Servings: 1

This FODMAP porridge recipe is not only extremely easy to make, but it is also delicious & healthy (depending what you put on in). No longer do “oats in the morning” have to sound boring. There is a host of fun toppings for you to choose from. So say bye to pain first thing in the morning and hello to a great start to the day!

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What is the FODMAP Diet?

Eating should be a pleasurable activity, but if you suffer from IBS then you’ll know the experience can be anything but. Eating becomes something you dread when the inevitable symptoms begin to bite.

The FODMAP diet is something which can potentially help with these symptoms, and substantially reduce the negative impact IBS has on your life. The diet is also often suggested as beneficial to other people with certain dietary problems and requirements. 

It’s important to have a good understanding of the diet. Hopefully this article will address some of the key questions.

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