Anila's Goan Green Curry Sauce


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  • Rich green curry sauce (mild).
  • Low in FODMAPs.
  • Serve with meat, fish or a selection of vegetables.
  • Two gold stars from Great Taste Awards, Best Vegan Product 2011, Bronze in FODMAP friendly awards.
  • Made in the United Kingdom.

A great tasting mild curry with mint, spinach, coriander and coconut flavours. Like the other sauces in Anila's range you need to dilute the sauce with water, yogurt or cream. You can also add more tomatoes so these jars are great for customising. Adjust it until you get the flavour you want - make sure to not add too many high FODMAP ingredients though!

As with some of Anila's other sauces, this ones does contain trace amounts of mango. However when you consider that it's less than 1% of the jar divided by 4 portions, it should be fine unless you know it's one of your big triggers.

Ingredients - Fennel, Spinach, Coconut Milk, Rapeseed Oil, Coriander, Mint, Green Peppers, Green Mango, Ginger, Green Chillies, Sesame Seeds, Spices, Salt, Lemon Juice


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