Orgran Crispi Rice Breadcrumbs

  • Low FODMAP rice breadcrumbs.
  • Also egg, dairy and wheat free as well as being vegan.
  • 300g.
  • Wide range of sweet and savoury purposes.
  • Delicious crumbly, crispy texture.

You can use the Organ Crispi Crumbs in loads of dishes. Put it around chicken or fish, add it to thicken out sausage mixtures or meatballs, or even use it in sweet dishes such as a cheesecake base. Depending on use, all you need to do is coat the item to be breadcrumbed in egg and milk, then roll it around in the breadcrumbs evenly coating it.

Ingredients: Brown Rice Flour


Nutrition per 25g serving: 

Calories 94

Energy 392kJ

Fat 0.5g

of which saturate 0.2g

Carbohydrate 19.4g

of which sugars 0.3g

Fibre 0.4g

Protein 1.6g

Salt 1mg