Against the Grain Hazelnut Cookies


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  • Low FODMAP cookies.
  • Delicious nutty hazelnut and almond flavours.
  • 100% Organic.
  • Dark chocolate chunks. 
  • Dairy and gluten free.

Yes hazelnuts and almonds aren't low FODMAP (they're classified as medium) however you are allowed some, and these cookies don't contain that many. So 2-3 will be ok - however, make sure you don't have any more almonds and hazelnuts from other food sources within the 24h period. A great treat if you're missing nuts. Don't feel guilty - remember it's not necessary (or advised) to completely cut out all FODMAP's 100% while on the diet. Consult your dietician for more info.

Ingredients: Gluten free flour, Rice syrup, Hazelnuts, Almonds, Palm Oil, Sugar, Dark chocolate