Low Fodmap Starter Selection Kit

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Low Fodmap Starter Selection Kit

Low Fodmap Starter Selection Kit

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  • A range of FODMAP products to get you started on your diet.
  • Easy way to try a few different items.
  • Approximately 14 meals.
  • Range of Indian, Italian, Thai and Chinese style cooking.
  • Discounted over buying individually.

There are 5 items for you in this starter kit, please see the product pages below:

Anila's Korma temporarily replaced with Anila's Green Goan

Bay's Sweet & Sour

Curry on Cooking Balti

Fodmapped For You Green Curry

Fodmapped For You Red Wine & Herbs Pasta Sauce

All you'll need is rice, meat and optional vegetables. For the Curry On kit you'll need some chopped tomatoes too. You'll need to modify the recipe slightly, but see the link above for ideas on how to do that.

Note - items not to scale.