Rhythm 108 Super Coconut

  • Great tasting Swiss chocolate.
  • Coconut and oat middle 
  • 33g bar.
  • Lower sugar than similar sized bars.
  • One bar is low FODMAP as well as vegan & gluten free.

It may sound a bit like a bounty bar, but it tastes much better! Covered in dark chocolate with an oaty coconut filling. It's much more wholesome tasting. Coconut isn't a low FODMAP food in higher quantities but the amount in this bar are fine. Just make sure you limit yourself to one per day and avoid coconut in other foods.

Ingredients - Organic coconut flakes (30%), organic raw cane sugar, organic cacao butter, organic cacao mass, organic gluten-free oat flour (7%), organic agave fibre, organic sunflower lecithin